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Neue Texte Hannover 1980

International Artists Committee

In 1980, the annual meeting of “Internationales Künstler-Gremium/IKG“ (International Artists Committee), which had been founded by Joseph Beuys, took place in Hanover. In the same year, Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff organised a reading of experimental literature at the Sprengel Museum with the title „New Poetry“. On this occasion, one also convened at the home of Uta and Michael, which, at the time, was located on 26 Warmbüchen Street in Hanover.

Hannoversche Verdichtungen

Unsatisfied with both the largely miserable quality and local presence of Hannover-based writers, Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff placed a distinctive note in the local paper HA.Z: all those considering themselves writers should convene in front of the opera house for a joint reading session on a Saturday , 12 pm, in November 1980. About 100 people came and started, after a signal, to read their texts. A simultaneous reading that, naturally, became increasingly louder as everyone tried to be louder, and thus to have more presence, than the others. The session was recorded with a non-professional recording device.

Bielefelder Colloquium Neue Poesie

New Poetry Colloquium Bielefeld

In 1978, S.J. Schmidt, Klaus Ramm and Jörg Drews, professors at the then newly founded Bielefeld University, invited all German-speaking writers from the field of concrete and visual poetry to come to Bielefeld for a discussion and public reading. In the first year, the event took place in a guesthouse of the university; later on, it was held in ‘Haus Neuland’, located in a forest near Bielefeld. This was very good because, for three days, the focus was essentially on talking to each other – and these talks were very intensive indeed: some of the participants (for example Ernst Jandl) dared to present radically new approaches and were at times faced with severe criticism, which was, however, accepted favourably. The public reading took place at the Bielefeld Art Hall, attracting a large audience.