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Non-Intentional Design

Michael Erlhoff & Uta Brandes (2006): Non-Intentional Design English Design must embrace misunderstandings, mistakes and the so-called ‘misuse’ of its products as a source of innovation and an expression of cultural diversity. A photo book documenting everyday situations where the products of design are used in ways not initially intended by their creators.

Designtheorie und Designforschung

Uta Brandes, Michael Erlhoff & Nadine Schemman (2009) Designtheorie und Designforschung UTB/W. Fink German If you study design, you need a fundamental knowledge of theory, and design theory must also have an empirical relation to the real needs of real people. Therefore, this book is an introduction to both design research and design theory. Expertly written, this easy-to-read book provides information on qualitative and quantitative methods in design research. It also offers a theory toolset, describes the prospects of design research and much more.

My Desk is my Castle – Exploring Personalization Cultures

Uta Brandes & Michael Erhoff (Hrsg.) (2012): My Desk is my Castle – Exploring Personalization Cultures Birkhäuser English This study focuses on a comparative analysis of the use of desks. To this end, we looked at desks in insurance companies, banks, administrative offices, call centres and design studios, located in 12 countries on all continents.

DADAs Best

Uta Brandes & Michael Erlhoff (Hrsg.) (2009) DADAs Best Edition Nautilus German Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff have asked 18 DADA lovers from the world of art to nominate their favourite DADA piece. The result is a fascinating, inspiring and, in the best sense of the term, colourful mix of classic and lesser-known works. The point of art and poetry is to uncover and work with possibilities and forward-looking dreams, with fantasies and desires, and, to this end, Dada used everyday life as its playground.