Design by Use. The Everyday Metamorphosis of Things

Buchtitel: Design by use

This publication explores and analyses a very special kind of design: the phenomenon, as normal as it is wonderful, that people with no formal training in design take things that have been designed and reuse them, convert them to new uses, in short, ‘misuse’ them in the very best sense of the word. Non-intentional design (NID) happens every day, in every area of life, in every part of the world. Redesign through reuse makes things multifunctional and intelligently combines them to generate new functions. It is often reversible, resource-friendly, improvisational, innovative, and economical. It can become a source of inspiration for design, provided professional designers take notice of what actually happens to their products when they are used.

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Uta Brandes/Sonja Stich/Miriam Wender (2009)
Design by Use. The Everyday Metamorphosis of Things
BIRD / Birkhäuser