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Eye level

This is the constant topic of those who consider that they are too small and would like to grow, especially in terms of prestige. So that they can look straight into the eyes of the so-called big guys.

This transfer of superfluous inferiority complexes into physiology is useless and not even really illustrative. Or the other way around: Then one could just as much demand that those big guys should shrink in size in order to reach the eye level of the small guys. The term ‘eye-level’ is especially annoying when certain analysis and research activities anxiously make themselves small and then hastily claim that in this area one is not yet ‘on eye level’ with the ‘real’ sciences, or the longed-for goal is to reach ‘eye level’ with them at some future date. Unfortunately, design is a model of this timid, fearful attitude of the bent back.

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