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In the nineteenth century the Germans painted their dream, and it always turned into a vegetable. The French needed only to paint a vegetable, and it was already a dream.

Almost a classic. And what an artist’s dream (or nightmare, (especially for German) painters. Above all, however, an example of how the dialectical method can be applied and handled in the most elegant linguistic manner. Only the whole is the true (even if Adorno also hurled an antithesis against it). The thesis (painting dreams leads to nothing) is supplemented by the antithesis (vegetable (painted) already is a dream in itself).

Because the single judgment in its isolatedness is not absolutely true and not absolutely false, and because the truth is actually nothing else than the way, which leads through the falseness of the individual judgments. From which it also follows: Germans and French have not always had it easy with each other.

(Minima Moralia, 29, S. 55)

found and commented by Thomas Wagner

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