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La Casa aperta, in: Europa 2030

In the 1990s, a “Design Working Group” of the European Commission drew up a European “Design Charter”, in which Michael Erlhoff played a major role. Through the initiative of Norberto Calabró, this book transforms the design ideas of that time into today. Michael’s contribution expands the “European house” of the time into a broader “open house” that points beyond Europe. He explains the historical meaning of the house as dwelling, intimacy, protection, and confronts this protective interior with a necessary new openness: “There is not much time left for this, however, and a closer examination of the somehow contradictory categories of ‘house’ and ‘openness’ is urgently needed. Examples of emancipatory perspectives exist, and they provide a basis for learning processes. May Europe come alive and spread joy, not only in Europe, but ideally throughout the world!”


La Casa aperta.
In: Norberto Calabró (Ed.): Europa 2030. Hacia un destino común y solidario,
Torres Editores 2022.


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