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For several years now, it is noticeable that the term ‘it stands to reason’ has almost disappeared from everyday language in favour of the term ‘naturally’. Now, one can only explain this by the fact that ‘it stands to reason’ made an enigmatic appeal to the use of reason and accordingly exposed itself to the discourse or dispute as to whether something was understood as a question of reason. The mind is based on the discussion, the dispute.

The word ‘naturally’ has a completely different effect, because it articulates very drastically that something is just the way it is and nothing else – and that above all one cannot or should not discuss it. Something natural is naturally so. It has developed in such a way, embedded in the natural order and – like nature itself – eludes the categories of the mind. ‘Naturally’ carries much more weight than ‘it stands to reason’. At least if one merely wants to assert something but not to argue.

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