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Views reproduce by division, thoughts by budding

A typical Kraus statement: cryptic and critical invective. The fauna metaphor disdains views because they say something as noncommittal as “opinions”. And if he had already known today’s so-called social media, he would undoubtedly have immediately noticed the “share” word instead of “division” -– which would have made his rating worse at best. Whereas he valued thoughts associated with thoughtful thinking, far more; they form tender new shoots and then buds, they change, rejuvenate and improve.

However, we must note that Kraus may have confused “buds” with the act of “budding”. Because budding, we learn from the biology dictionary, means asexual reproduction and -–very topical and unpleasant – the maturation of viruses. Albeit Kraus might even have been capable to have some knowledge of this meanings. In this case he would undoubtedly have taken a mischievous pleasure in the possible misinterpretation. But we just do not know.


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