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Design & Democracy

Cover Design and Democracy

Activist Thoughts and Examples for Political Empowerment

Design as a political factor

Design affects all social contexts and is therefore intensively instrumentalized both by the politically powerful and their critics. Both functions of design, and their inevitable combination, are presented in this book in precise detail.

Authors from various countries present previously unknown and innovative examples of democratic activities conducted through design. This publication is therefore aimed not only at design professionals but also at the general public of all countries.

  • Design as an instrument of self-expression and critique of political power
  • New examples of democratic activities conducted through design
  • International authors, international range of topics


Maziar Rezai, Teheran University
Prof. Michael Erlhoff, Köln International School of Design

Language: English
Publisher: Birkhäuser
Copyright year: 2021
eBook ISBN: 9783035622836
Hardcover ISBN: 9783035622829


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