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Modernity is the transient, the fleeting, the contingent.

This quote highlights the nonsensicality of any claims of a so-called ‘post-modernity’ because modernity was aware of its state, and was not as dogmatic or as presumptuous to cling to the condition of modernity as being status quo. Rather, modernism – which only emerged in early 19th century romanticism – is characterised by questioning everything, including itself, and by accepting and comprehending the open perspective of possibilities and of uncertainty. Perhaps modernity is the eternal (and still male) flaneur, of whom Baudelaire was also so fond. A short aside: post-modernity merely demonstrates an Anglo-Saxon misunderstanding because in that culture, modernity is always linked to the Bauhaus era or, sometimes, to constructivism. A misunderstanding – but predominantly in German because the British or American version of modernity uses the slightly altered term ‘modernism’.


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