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There is no question that plants have a certain kind of feelings. But just because they are standing somewhere, someone walking down the street thinks they are plastic (malleable) and not alive.

Even before not only science, but almost the entire world, knows that plants are more than just natural beauty and human food, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist granted them something like emotions. We cannot understand why people consider animal welfare to be essential (even those who can’t stop eating cheap barbecue sausages and ribs), but cosider plants as dead matter. Obviously this is for a twofold reason that is to be interpreted psychologically: Firstly, otherwise there would be nothing left for human consumption except astronaut food, and secondly, we do not allow anything that cannot move around on their own such as nature, to live its own life, although we should know better. In this respect, humans are not only animal murderers, but just as consistently plant murderers, regardless of their diet.

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