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Learning by dying

Two young adults are standing in a tram and one says to the other: “And then I was dead.” Obviously, he lacked the experience to realise that, as a corpse, he would not be able to say that.

However, such a thing is certainly not new in the context of child play: war games were already played centuries ago, in the 20th century there were cowboys and Indians, where those who played the role of the so-called ‘Indians’, were the ones who died most of the time. Apparently, such a drastic form of dispute belongs to the process of childhood and youth – even if it is not quite clear what, in productive terms, one can learn from this beside the fact that one should avoid such processes and protect oneself.

Today, however, in computer games, this happens all the time. Some creatures and/or the gamers are constantly shot dead. Even as an alleged grown-up. Existentialism is experiencing a comeback.

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