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Conventional positivist science allegedly has to:

  • be verifiable (define and substantiate questions, provide sources, data, describe processes…)
  • be reproducible
  • demonstrate upon which scientific approach it is based
  • not necessarily be original or novel

The largely euphoric acceptance of science as Weiterlesen

Dumme Wörter: Faszination


If someone is fascinated, they have inevitably become subject to foreign domination because the word pertains to the so-called ‘fasces’, which were carried by Roman senators in order to symbolise their power and jurisdiction. It was certainly no coincidence that Weiterlesen

Dumme Wörter: kreativ


Awful: everyone wants to be creative – it’s the only thing that counts. Obviously, it’s the creator’s divine gesture that attracts people. They want to embody this gesture in a clearly perceivable way. They create and they don’t comprehend that Weiterlesen