be design – Corporate Services

be design is a design consultancy, design research and design theory office based in Cologne, Germany. It is owned and run by Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff. For over 20 years, be design has been providing expert consultancy on numerous projects large and small and on an international level. Projects have dealt with issues ranging from all aspects of design to architecture, art, the humanities and culture. Clients have included companies from small, individual outfits to large international corporates and public institutions. more


Uta Brandes & Michael Erlhoff – Academic Consultancy

Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff are professors at the Koeln International School of Design (KISD). Both have run guest workshops and projects at international universities and have provided consultancy and support in the development of design-related curricula. more



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to teach = to cheat

Life is Design
Patti Smith

Design is a method of action
Charles Eames, 1969

There are always design constraints.
Charles Eames, 1969

Design is “a plan for arranging elements in such a way as to best accomplish a particular purpose.
Charles Eames, 1969

Got a match?
Lauren Bacall

There is a beauty in shit.
Gilbert & George

If you have a message: go to the post office.
Alfred Hitchcock

We want to love the viewer.
Gilbert & George

If you have a message: go to the post office.
Alfred Hitchcock

You’d better start swimming.
Bob Dylan

Less is more. – Mies van der Rohe
Less is a bore. – Robert Venturi